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High-quality and reliable
web hosting from Finland

Fast web hosting for entrepreneurs, includes a domain name and e-mails.

Prices starts from 1.95 € / month + VAT for the first year.

Web hosting now -50% / first year offer

Our shared hosting automatically includes a domain name, e-mail boxes, plenty of disk space, a MariaDB database and Installatron.

Own domain name

The web hosting service includes one normal price domain for free. You can register a new one or transfer an existing one.

Email boxes

Email with your own domain is included in all web hosting packages. You can easily create the mailboxes yourself.

Fast servers

Choose the best package for your needs. Each option includes hosting space for your website and e-mails.

Fault-tolerant cloud environment

Our web hosting serices are located in a high-availability cloud environment, which means shorter and fewer interruptions.

Easy-to-use control panel

Through the DirectAdmin control panel, you can easily create create new email accounts or install different CMSs.

Free SSL certificate

All our web hosting packages include SSL encryption and a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. 

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Fast loading times

Fast loading times are very important for websites. A fast site means happier users, higher conversion and better search engine rankings.

We always use the latest technology and the best tools on our web hosting servers, which guarantee fast loading times for our customers.

Finnish web hosting

We already have more than 26,000 satisfied customers. Our servers are located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.

You can get quick help 24/7 from our customer service, also in English.

Environmentally friendly web hosting

Zoner’s web hosting servers only use electricity produced with renewable energy. In addition, the datacenter has a heat recovery system and the recovered heat is directed to the district heating network.

Easy-to-use website builder

Our web hosting also enables the creation of websites with an easy-to-use website builder. The website builder includes many ready-made layouts, a click-and-drag editor and many other features. The website builder is included in the Startti, Sopiva and Yritys packages.

They already use our web hosting services

The following companies are already using Zoner’s web hosting services:

Sarfvik golf
Hailuodon Panimo
Kauneuskeskus Fenix
Tampereen Urheiluhierojakoulu

Web hosting – FAQ

What is a web hosting?

The web hosting is the name of a service where the customer rents space for website from the servers of a service provider, such as Zoner. You can host there the company’s website , online store or almost any other online software. The web hosting includes a disk space, a domain name and an e-mail, i.e. everything needed to set up a website. 

What is a web hosting suitable for?

The web hosting works for both websites and online stores. It is excellent hosting for many different content management systems (CMS) and also for HTML pages. With the help of the easy-to-use Installatron program, you can install popular CMS with a few clicks. Choose from, among others, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop and Moodle.

Can I upgrade my web hosting package from one level to another?

Yes you can. Upgrading the web hosting is a very simple operation, where our customer service changes the size of the package at your request. You can update the web hosting package by sending us an email .

The differences between a shared hosting and a virtual server?

The web hosting is a low-cost solution where your own website is located in a shared environment, i.e. there are also other customers on the same server. The amount of disk space and resources you ordered are naturally reserved for your own use.

A virtual server, on the other hand, is a more advanced solution, where one virtualized server always has the services of only one customer. 
WordPress users should check out our popular WordPress hosting WP-Cloud (only in Finnish).

What does the traffic mean?

Web hosting traffic (the term bandwidth is also used) means how much data can move between your website and your visitors per month. 
This amount is almost always limited. The amount of traffic also includes the website owner’s actions, such as FTP data transfers and the use of e-mails, although page visitor traffic usually takes 99% of all traffic.

Bandwidth usage is always site-specific, and it is difficult to know in advance how much traffic would the new website need. Fortunately, you can always easily upgrade your web hosting package to a bigger one. If you are transferring your web hosting from your old service provider to us, you will probably see the traffic you currently use from your old service provider.

Can I use more than one site in the same web hosting package?

Yes you can, it is possible to add several sites to one web hosting package. For this, you probably need the Yritys package, which also contains several databases. However, we recommend one web hosting package per site.

Is the web hosting secure?

Zoner’s web hosting is a safe choice. We always filter the arriving traffic in advance and centrally block entities that attempt mass logins. We also run a malware scan on websites every day, so that potential security problems can be detected quickly.

We use high availability cloud environments, which make our web hosting reliable. In addition, of course, we have also taken care of the servers’ physical integrity and fire safety.

Is the web hosting suitable for online shops?

Our web hosting is also suitable for online stores. For larger online stores and heavier online shopping platforms, we always recommend 
Yritys package.

For Woocommerce online stores, we recommend our WP-Cloud service, which is optimized specifically for WordPress performance.

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25 000

satisfied customers


rating from customers


customer service


satisfaction guarantee